Thursday, January 19, 2012

Corrie ten Boom during the Holocaust Period

It was between 1943 to 1944 when Nazis conquered Holland. Corrie ten Boom and her family allowed the Jews and members of the Dutch underground to hide in their house for safety. On February 28, 1944, Casper's family was betrayed. The Nazi secret police set a trap and waited throughout the day, seizing everyone who came to the house. By evening, over 20 people had been taken into custody. Casper, Corrie, and Betsie were all arrested. Corrie's brother Willem, sister Nollie, and nephew Peter were at the house that day, and were also taken to prison.

Corrie Ten Boom and the other prisoner's condition in the concentration camp were unbearable. They were beaten and starved and maltreated by Hitler's men. Despite all these, Corrie Ten Boom was determined to spread Christianity. None of her family survived the war but she went on to spread Jesus love and be a role model to all.

Corrie Ten Boom died on her 91st birthday, April 15, 1983. It is interesting that Corrie's passing occurred on her birthday. In the Jewish tradition, it is only very blessed people who are allowed the special privilege of dying on their birthday. She is worth remembered this International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2012. More of her story when you visit .